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Elevate Benefits Engagement and Utilization

  Elevate Benefits Engagement and Utilization with a Strategic Approach  Enhancing employee benefits engagement stands as a pivotal resolution for 2024, particularly in the context of maximizing the utilization of employee benefits. When employees actively participate in and more


Giving Thanks for Benefits: A Feast of Convenience with Our All-in-One App

Think of it like this: the app which aggregates all our benefits is the ultimate Thanksgiving feast, and each section is like a delicious dish contributing to the overall satisfaction and well-being of everyone at the table.  Convenience: more


NBFitness and Technology Updates: Q4 2022

NBFitness Benefit Updates NBFitness: Same Benefit, Now Even Better Our fitness benefit just got more muscle with new options and features! Now called NBFitness, this program lets members stay active from anywhere with access to 11,900+ gyms and 8, more

Virtual Healthcare

Benefits and Technology Updates: Q3 2022

Benefits Our Newest “Off-fur-ing” Our newest pet care solution, NB Pet Telehealth by GoLexi, helps make pet care affordable and convenient with 24/7 access to a trusted network of veterinarians. Pet parents can ask questions, discuss behavioral issues, training, more


Boost Employee Engagement with One Tool

Employers looking to improve employee engagement can make significant gains when they streamline and consolidate employee communication, and the New Benefits/My Benefits Work app is up for the task. Lackluster employee engagement For most employers, employee engagement is more


New Benefits Technology and Benefits Updates: Q1 2022

Benefits Take on Digital Wellness with Aura DigitalGuard As our lives are increasingly lived online, digital wellness will become a crucial piece of holistic well-being. Digital wellness encompasses not only identity theft protection and resolution, but also device more