/ Ready-to-Go Packages

Provide more value to your clients with less administrative hassle. Get up and running quickly with our ready-to-go turnkey packages, filled with the most sought-after solutions in the market.

/ Health Package

Connect employees with tools and services for a smoother, more cost-effective healthcare experience.

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/ Security Package

Give employees peace of mind with resources to help prevent and manage their stressors.

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/ Well-Being Package

Improve employees’ physical, mental, social, and financial wellness for better overall health.

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/ FAQs

Questions & Answers

Consider your client’s goals when selecting the right package: are they more focused on reducing healthcare costs, improving productivity, or do they want a little bit of everything? You could also present all three to see which interests your clients most!

Of course! If you have a diverse set of clients, they’ll likely be interested in different types of benefits. Feel free to load up on all three packages and see which grabs your clients’ attention most.

While these turnkey packages are quick to implement, customization is where we shine. Look through our 30+ benefits and mix and match to create your own custom solution.