Who We Serve

Financial Institutions

We Create Advantage for financial institutions by providing an easy, cost-effective solution to add value to product lines, retain customers, and generate a new profit center.

Through our wide array of popular non-insured benefits, you can provide customers with access to services like ID theft protection and global travel assistance as an incentive to purchase certain products. Our goal is to help you bring more value to your customers while we take on the administrative hassle.

Partnering with New Benefits Creates Advantage for your customers by:

  • Adding value to their product purchases through enhanced services
  • Simplifying access to these solutions through our mobile app and web portal
  • Providing services to help save time and money

Meet Bill, VP of Sales

When Bill was charged with increasing product purchases, he decided to look for a cost-effective way to make the products more attractive to customers. He connected with a benefit pro at New Benefits who helped Bill create an incentive package with roadside assistance, a tax hotline, and discounted legal services. With more value added to their products, customers were excited to purchase them.