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New Benefits Technology and Benefits Updates: Q1 2022

Benefits Take on Digital Wellness with Aura DigitalGuard As our lives are increasingly lived online, digital wellness will become a crucial piece of holistic well-being. Digital wellness encompasses not only identity theft protection and resolution, but also device more

Identity Theft

Protect Employees from COVID-Related Fraud Cases

The Importance of Identity Theft and Monitoring Services We’re entering a new year full of new resolutions about saving more money, sticking to a budget, or paying off debts. But as much as people tend to make resolutions more

Identity Theft

‘Tis the Season… for Identity Theft

Holiday shopping is more dangerous than you more

Identity Theft

The Many Faces of ID Theft

If you think the only kind of identity theft is financial fraud, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong In reality, if you’re going to experience ID theft, financial fraud is typically the least traumatic or expensive to clear up. Compare more

Identity Theft

ID Sanctuary: Breaches and Beyond

Did you know you’re at risk of identity theft when you shop online, go to the doctor, or even sign up for a social network? Every 2 seconds there’s another victim. In other words, it’s not a matter more

Identity Theft

Control What You Can in Life with ID Sanctuary Premium

I just turned 64 and for the second time in my life (the first was immediately after 9/11) I fear for the safety and security of my family. Building a bunker and stocking it with rations isn’t an more