Part-Time Employees Benefits Guide

Part-time workers deserve a full-blown benefits strategy. Explore the Part-Time Employees Benefits Guide.

Part-time employment is on the rise as workers seek greater flexibility, but job satisfaction is declining, and voluntary turnover is increasing. The solution to attracting top talent, boosting productivity, and increasing retention lies in offering non-insured benefits. These programs allow employers to meet the demands of part-time job seekers, enhancing retention and morale while staying ahead of the benefits curve. High-demand offerings such as virtual mental health and wellness programs, health advocacy, and caregiver support are just a few examples of innovative benefits that can make a significant impact.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • How part-time employees are reshaping today’s benefit offerings
  • The impact of non-insured benefits on engagement, loyalty, retention, and recruitment
  • Statistical trends highlighting the value of benefit reevaluation
  • Steps to implement non-insured benefits for part-time employees

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