Who We Serve

Insurance Companies

We Create Advantage for insurance companies by differentiating your core products with value-add services, customized to your brand and seamlessly delivered through our mobile app and web portal.

Through our wide spectrum of popular non-insured benefits, you can include value-add services with your policyholders’ products, enhancing your offerings at a cost-effective rate. Our team takes on the administrative responsibilities and member engagement for a no-hassle solution.

Partnering with New Benefits Creates Advantage for your policyholders by:

  • Enhancing their insurance plan with services to help them save time and money
  • Engaging them with their insurance plan and non-insured benefits through our mobile app and web portal
  • Providing easy, affordable access to important health and lifestyle services

Meet Ben, Head of Carrier Relations

Ben came to New Benefits because he wanted to increase the value of policyholders’ insurance plans while providing mobile app access to their services. His benefit pro not only created a custom benefits package with health discounts, global travel assistance, and ID theft protection; he also built a white labeled mobile app to deliver policyholders’ insurance and non-insured benefits on one platform. Everything was branded to Ben’s company for a seamless user experience, engaging policyholders with services they love.