Our History

We’ve led the pack for over three decades — and we’re just getting started!

New Benefits came to life in 1990 when CEO & Founder, Joel Ray, recognized a market shift in the optical industry where he worked for 16 years. He saw the opportunity to create a national network of discount optical providers operating under one brand name, Coast to Coast Vision™, to save Americans money on eyewear and eye care.

Over the next 30+ years New Benefits has continued to innovate and disrupt the benefits marketplace. We pioneered multiple benefits presented on one membership card in 1993 and were the first to use high-speed Xerox print systems to provide customers with on-demand, variable data, digital color processing. Over the years we’ve blazed the trail for new products such as Teladoc and LifeLock by being the first company in the United States to recognize their potential and offer their services through our contracted marketers.

Today, New Benefits offers an extensive selection of non-insured benefit solutions, including proprietary programs such as Coast to Coast Vision, UHS Chiropractic, and ID Sanctuary. We continue to push the boundaries of the voluntary benefits space by creating convenience, mobility, and member engagement with our mobile app and web portal, as well as improving transparency and business intelligence for marketers with our client portal.

Our timeline isn’t complete as we plan to keep pushing forward until a comprehensive solution has been developed for the insurance industry, associations, credit unions, and any organization wanting to bring more value to their customers. We have been heavily investing in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies to streamline the entire benefits process and provide greater business insights for our clients. Innovation is the foundation and future of New Benefits, and we invite you to be part of it!


  • 1990: Joel Ray incorporates New Benefits, Inc. D/B/A Coast to Coast Vision Plan
  • 1993: First to put vision, pharmacy, dental, and hearing aid discounts on one membership card
  • 1995: Built UHS Chiropractic Network
  • 1998: Collaborated with Xerox to create the first print on demand, variable data, digital color processing in the U.S. with application in the benefits industry
  • 2002: Co-founded the Consumer Health Alliance (CHA), the discount industry’s premier trade association
  • 2004: First company awarded a Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) license in the U.S.
  • 2006: First to promote Lifelock services
  • 2007: First DMPO to promote Teladoc services
  • 2018: Launched mobile app and web portal for streamlined benefit delivery
  • 2018: Recognized as a Top 100 Place to Work by the Dallas Morning News
  • 2020: New Benefits celebrates its 30th Anniversary
  • 2021: New Benefits launches refreshed, reimagined website
  • 2022: New Benefits now aggregates over 35 of the most popular enhanced and emerging benefits to engage and retain members seamlessly in one app saving time and money