Who We Serve

Third Party Administrators

We Create Advantage for third party administrators by enhancing your benefit solution with value-add services, improving client retention and meeting consumer demand.

Through our wide spectrum of popular voluntary benefits, you can provide clients a more thorough benefit solution with access to cost-effective healthcare services. Our goal is to help you enhance your offerings and add more value to your clients while we take on the administrative hassle.

Partnering with New Benefits Creates Advantage for your clients by:

  • Enhancing their insurance plan with services to help them save time and money
  • Engaging them with their insurance plan and non-insured benefits through our mobile app and web portal
  • Helping them become smarter healthcare consumers with varied, cost-effective solutions and guidance

Meet Nick, VP of Sales

Nick wanted to help his clients save on their healthcare costs, so he asked New Benefits for an affordable solution he could add to their insurance plans. His benefit pro recommended the ready-to-go Health Package, which includes telemedicine with a $0 visit fee, health advocacy, and 24/7 email access to healthcare professionals. Nick quickly implemented this package with his employer groups, who happily renewed their plans after experiencing a decrease in out-of-pocket costs and claims.