Boost Employee Engagement with One Tool

Posted on: August 23rd, 2022 by New Benefits

Employers looking to improve employee engagement can make significant gains when they streamline and consolidate employee communication, and the New Benefits/My Benefits Work app is up for the task.

Lackluster employee engagement

For most employers, employee engagement is top of mind. With disengagement at an all-time high, “quiet-quitting,”– the act of consciously reducing workplace productivity and engagement–is only creating more labor challenges amid the Great Resignation. Disengaged employees aren’t just a problem for HR departments; when employees aren’t engaged at work, a company’s bottom line is likely to suffer as well. Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace for 2022 found that businesses with fully engaged employees had 23% higher profits.

When employees are engaged, everyone benefits: talent retention and attraction increases; customer satisfaction and loyalty rises; company performance and reputation improves. Most employers are looking to improve employee engagement, but how do they activate the full potential of their in-person, hybrid or remote workforces?

One app does it all

With so many channels of communication competing for our attention, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Employees are bombarded with emails and notifications from different teams and departments without any real consistency. The New Benefits/My Benefits Work app has customized communication options, which allows employers to deliver the information that matters most.

  • With the My Insurance feature, brokers and employers can upload insurance information and plan documents. Some employers have expanded the use of this feature by uploading employment forms, HR reference materials, holiday calendars, and more, giving employees easy access to the information they really need. 
  • The app’s push notifications and emails can be tailored to company needs with custom messaging and scheduling so companies can reach employees in ways that are both relevant and timely. The app allows for centralized communication, and delivers the same experience to remote and in-office workers.
  • Another popular feature, My Wallet, provides a secure way for members to store insurance, membership, and discount cards, important documents, and more, all in one place.

Savvy businesses know that wishful thinking isn’t going to put a dent in employee engagement problems, and need insightful data to see what’s working and what’s not. The New Benefits/My Benefits Work app has data analytics reporting to easily track member engagement.

Engage the whole team

Most companies today have a mixed workforce—from traditional full-time employees to seasonal contractors, and it’s important to keep all of them engaged. Our app can be used with all workers no matter where they are or their employment status. When workers are enrolled as members, our app can engage them at every level. In-app non-insured benefits, like Worklife Services and Mental Health, also show employees they are cared for, and promote loyalty. For example, life stressors distract employees for eight hours per week at work, but when offered benefits like these, employees have less stress and absenteeism.

Disengaged employees affect talent pools, customer bases, and the company at large, but employers can boost employee engagement when they put information at members’ fingertips, and provide them with valuable non-insured benefits. Start engaging your workforce today with the New Benefits/My Benefits Work app.