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Prescription Savings

Why Pharmacy Discount Programs Are Not Dead

After all these years, prescription discount programs are still a critical piece of the healthcare puzzle. They drive consumerism and transparency by creating options for savings and providing the ability to compare prices. These programs also often include more

Prescription Savings

Do You Have 2020 Benefit Vision for the New Year?

No one can see the future, but the past reveals trends to help us more accurately predict what’s to come. Looking back at my 2019 benefit trends blog, my vision for 2019 wasn’t too far off the mark, more

Prescription Savings

Get Out Your Umbrella!

If you’ve filled a prescription recently, you were probably shocked by the price tag. U.S. drug prices are on the rise, with some specialty drug prices skyrocketing at extraordinary rates—and healthcare consumers are feeling the squeeze. In fact, more