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Identity Theft

A Scary Reality: Identity Thieves Are Focusing on Children

No credit, no reason to worry about identity theft. Right? Not true. In fact, cyberthieves are now directly targeting children because of their clean credit and the likelihood this breach will not be discovered for several years. There more

Identity Theft

This Holiday Season, Don’t Be Surprised by Unwanted ‘Gifts’

Cyber criminals are busy hiding malicious advertisements in online shopping sites. FEATURED GUEST STORY  BY JAIKUMAR VIJAYAN, THIRDCERTAINTY Consumers and online retailers beware. ’Tis the season for a spike in malicious advertisements, or more

Identity Theft

Haven’t Been Hacked Yet? It’s Only a Matter of Time.

Everywhere we turn, there’s another news story about a security breach at a major U.S. retailer or financial institution. Surprisingly, many of these companies had anti-hacker systems in place, but cyber criminals have discovered how to outsmart these more