Giving Thanks for Benefits: A Feast of Convenience with Our All-in-One App

Think of it like this: the app which aggregates all our benefits is the ultimate Thanksgiving feast, and each section is like a delicious dish contributing to the overall satisfaction and well-being of everyone at the table.  Convenience: more

Employee Benefits

How to Best Communicate Benefits to Employees

As an expert in employee benefits, a broker can play a vital role in helping employers communicate their benefits offerings to their employees. Here are some of the best ways a broker can assist an employer with benefits more

Employee Benefits

From Overwhelm to Efficiency: Solving Point Solution Fatigue

Insurance brokers are no strangers to the wide array of point solutions available in today’s market. From claims management software to customer relationship management tools, there seems to be an option for every aspect of the insurance industry. However, more


Non-Insured Benefits for Part-Time Employees

With the rise of part-time employment, employers face the challenge of retaining their workforce while maintaining cost benefits. The demand for benefits among part-time workers is on the rise, making it essential for employers to prioritize this aspect. more

Employee Benefits

Evolving Role of the Benefits Broker

Benefits brokers have traditionally focused their efforts on open enrollment periods, during which they help clients select and enroll in health insurance plans. However, in today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, it’s becoming increasingly important for brokers to adopt more

Mental Health

Mind Your Money: The Link Between Financial Wellness and Mental Health

The Interplay Between Mental Health and Financial Wellness As an insurance broker, you’re well aware of the significance of providing your clients with comprehensive health insurance coverage. However, it’s crucial to recognize that employee wellbeing is influenced by more