New Benefits for Return on Wellness

Posted on: April 29th, 2024 by Our Team

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Embrace Return on Wellness with Holistic Employee Benefits

As we observe Stress Awareness Month, it’s vital to recognize the importance of holistic employee well-being. While traditional benefits like health insurance and retirement plans are essential, they only scratch the surface. While considering ROI is important, it’s time to adopt a broader perspective and take into account the Return on Wellness (ROW). ROW encompasses the diverse advantages of providing non-traditional benefits such as health, personal security, travel, and leisure perks, all of which contribute positively to employee health, performance, and retention rates.

This April, embrace a holistic approach to benefits. By recognizing and addressing financial, mental, and physical health, as exemplified by the introduction of our two newest non-insured benefits discussed in this blog, you can maximize ROW. This approach fosters well-being and delivers substantial returns on investment.

Newest Benefits

Take on Financial Wellness with Questis

Financial stress is more than just a personal concern; it affects work performance, engagement, and overall well-being. Financial wellness has been defined as anything between financial security and financial freedom, including being debt-free or having enough savings to handle unexpected expenses.

New Benefits is excited to announce a new addition to our financial well-being portfolio: Questis Financial Wellness. Questis’ award-winning software does the heavy lifting  – from budgeting and saving for college to setting financial goals and beyond. Employees can access unlimited virtual 1:1 personalized financial coaching with Accredited Financial Counselors too, all in one convenient platform. For those who prefer to tackle their finances independently, the platform provides a variety of vetted articles, workshops, webinars, live events, and more to guide employees through their financial wellness journeys.

Access Complete Care with Recuro Health

38% of Americans say they or a family member postponed medical treatment due to costs. Recuro Health takes a holistic approach to healthcare. With Complete Care, employees have access to Virtual Primary Care, Behavioral Health, and Urgent Care from one platform. 

Aside from telehealth services, New Benefits is proud to now offer even more access to healthcare with platforms like Recuro Health. An integrated care team of board-certified primary care and behavioral health physicians enables whole-person care with a personal touch through phone-based and video interactions. With virtual urgent care and primary care, employees and their dependents gain cost-effective, on-demand medical solutions, reducing barriers and improving healthcare accessibility.

Next Steps

If you want to understand more about how ROW can make a difference, read our Return on Wellness white paper. It’s an insightful resource that explores the impact of prioritizing employee well-being. Click here to learn more and discover the potential for positive change in your employees’ workplace. 


At New Benefits, we prioritize continuous investment in our benefits portfolio and cutting-edge technology. Our commitment is to provide you and your clients with top-notch savings and engagement opportunities. Reach out to your Account Executive or email for further information on our latest benefit updates.