Five Tips to Engage Clients Year-Round

Posted on: March 15th, 2023 by Our Team

Implement these five tips to engage clients and their employees year-round, without burdening yourself with additional work. By leveraging your vendor/carrier relationships, diversifying communication channels, and utilizing non-insured benefits, we’ll help you enhance your clients’ benefits offerings with minimal extra effort. Keep reading to discover how to take your benefits engagement to the next level this year.

1. Leverage Vendor/Carrier Relationships

Your vendors and carriers are already experts on their products and services, and they typically devote resources to creating new materials. Rather than going out of your way to create new marketing pieces, set a reminder to ask for new collateral on a quarterly basis to share with clients.

2. Aggregate Benefits Through Mobile App

Out of sight, out of mind. Make it easier for members to access and use their benefits by delivering them where they already spend time – their phones. Mobile apps are a simple way to put benefits all in one location and keep top-of-mind. New Benefits streamlines benefit delivery with our app and portal, My Benefits Work. 

3. Pull Utilization Reports

Know which benefits are being used and which ones aren’t with utilization reports. These can be simple conversation starters with clients to show the value of benefits and take next steps to promote use. New Benefits makes pulling reports easy with our Client Portal.

4. Diversify Communication Channels

With diverse workplace demographics, different generations respond better to different communication methods. Ensure all members are receiving the promotional materials you’re sending. You can achieve this by sharing through a mobile app, emails, online member portal, and printed materials. 

5. Offer Non-Insured Benefits

Non-insured benefits, unlike traditional insurance plans, are available throughout the year. Consider adding any of New Benefits’ 30+ value-add benefits, such as telemedicine, health advocacy, and caregiver solutions, to enhance your clients’ benefit offerings without waiting until open enrollment.