New Benefits Technology and Benefits Updates: Q3 2021

Posted on: September 29th, 2021 by New Benefits


Take the First Step Toward Better Mental Health with LifeSpeak

After more than a year of social isolation, struggling to afford rent, and constant fear about the state of the world, Laura’s stress is quickly becoming anxiety. She’s tried Googling ways to reduce stress, but is confused by the conflicted results. Then Laura turns to LifeSpeak. From the comfort of her couch, Laura learns from credentialed experts how to recognize her anxiety and manage it as needed. 

  • LifeSpeak provides access to an unparalleled library of educational videos, blogs, and downloadable action plans from the world’s leading experts on mental health, stress management, financial health, infertility, and more
  • Topics are beneficial for personal needs, manager trainings, and professional development
  • LifeSpeak experts are acclaimed authors, medical professionals, and professors – leading authorities on their subject matter

Additional benefits implemented this quarter:

  • NBDeals provides exclusive discounts from over 40 different categories across 500+ merchants including water park tickets, sporting events, closing costs on a new home, senior living facilities, pet supplies, streaming services, and more
  • NBCashback by Koiyn enables members to earn cash back on top of the points or rewards they may already receive from existing debit and credit cards
  • Connected Caregiving by alska, one of the benefits in our Caregiver Support bundle, has increased its services to include support for new and expecting parents, paid one-on-one sessions with various advocates and experts, a caregiver support helpline and chat, and an internal social network for caregivers to connect

New Benefits is committed to regularly investing in our benefit portfolio and technology, ensuring you and your clients are positioned with the best savings and engagement opportunities possible. Every quarter, we’ll share the latest benefits, mobile app features, and tools implemented by our team.

Contact your Account Executive or for any additional details on our benefit updates — we look forward to sharing more exciting enhancements in the near future!