Be a Discount Benefits Hero, Not a Zero

Posted on: November 24th, 2014 by New Benefits Blog

Brian LatkowskiIt’s not easy being a broker in these tumultuous times. But as the old saying goes, challenge begets opportunity. As the benefits industry continues to shift and evolve, now is the time to become a leader and innovator. It’s time to be a benefits hero.

How do you do that? I know you’ve heard this a million times—listen to your clients’ problems and offer the solution. Take a look at these simple ways to change the conversation with your clients by offering simple fixes to their issues.

“Our employees with HDHPs are worried about out-of-pocket costs.”

High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) are on the rise. As employers continue to slash medical benefits, you have the opportunity to swoop in and save the day with discount solutions. Employees who are enrolled in HDHPs for the first time may struggle with the increased out-of-pocket financial burden. Discounts on eyeglasses, contact lenses, eye exams and dental care stretch the employees’ healthcare spending dollars.

“Our claims utilization is too high.”

Employees unknowingly increase healthcare spending when they don’t know about a better avenue for care. Explain how unnecessary visits to ER and urgent care create high costs for both the employer and employee. With flu season upon us, solutions like Telehealth not only keep people out of the ER when it’s not necessary; it also gives employees another option to seek advice and professional guidance.

“Why do our employees continue to see out-of-network doctors?”

The healthcare system is more complex than ever. Employees need access to tools and resources to help sculpt them into more educated healthcare consumers. Health advocacy can be the employees’ sidekick and find the right provider at the right location for the right cost.

“How can we encourage our employees to lead a healthy lifestyle?”

Promoting healthy behaviors is critical to improving population health and positively impacting healthcare costs. Health Wealth Connection is an innovative wellness program that addresses the complete spectrum of employees’ physical, mental and financial health. This benefit provides simple online tools and solutions to help employees manage their health and personal finances.

It’s time to pull discount benefits off the bench and put these powerful solutions in the game. Once your clients realize the unprecedented value these products offer, you’re certain to be their hero.

– Brian Latkowski, EVP Global Sales

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