Employee Benefits

Enhance Insurance Plans with Non-Insured Benefits

Why Better Consistency, Connection, and Communication is Key Non-insured benefits not only complement insurance plans — they are designed to make traditional benefits better. With their consistent access, connections to insurance, and built-in communication, here are three reasons more

Mental Health

Alight: Maximize Your Insurance Plan with Non-Insured Benefits

The purpose of health insurance is to protect the insured from unexpected, high medical costs. But if the insurance plan isn’t completely understood or being used to its full potential, employers and employees will lose money (and face more


Five Reasons Employers Should Offer Non-Insured Benefits

Enhance Employee Benefits Amid Rising Healthcare Costs and Evolving Workplaces In the benefits world, the one thing we can rely on to be consistent is change. The demographics of the workplace are constantly evolving – generational shifts, varying more

Employee Benefits

Promoting a Culture of Health

Easy Solutions for Tight Budgets and Limited Resources Okay, I’ll admit… promoting a culture of health today within the workforce is not exactly like pressing the “easy button.” But there are solutions, which can be deployed with minimal more