Non-Insured Benefits for Part-Time Employees

Posted on: August 1st, 2023 by Our Team

With the rise of part-time employment, employers face the challenge of retaining their workforce while maintaining cost benefits. The demand for benefits among part-time workers is on the rise, making it essential for employers to prioritize this aspect. Statistics reveal that part-time employees experience higher turnover rates, and a significant percentage considers job changes within a year. To address this, forward-thinking companies are already offering health coverage to part-time workers. 

With voluntary turnover at an all-time high and a strong demand for benefits reevaluation, non-insured benefits emerge as a game-changing solution, providing virtual mental health, wellness programs, health advocacy, and caregiver support. By embracing these benefits, employers can enhance retention, boost morale, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape while meeting the expectations of their part-time workforce.