Candidates Choose Companies with this Benefit

Posted on: July 25th, 2022 by New Benefits

To stay competitive in today’s job market, employers need to offer fertility benefits that provide employees with financial and emotional support.

Families have options

It was not long ago when families struggling with fertility had few options and were often forced to accept the end of their family-planning journey. Fast forward to today’s world, and families now have access and guidance to technologies and treatments not available to prior generations. This is welcome news as many are waiting later in life to start families, and *fertility challenges affect 1 in 5.

Most employers don’t offer fertility benefits

Fertility support is a unique benefit that has gained traction in recent years, but it’s one that most employers still don’t offer. This benefit is in high demand, and employees are taking notice of companies that offer it. So, employers shouldn’t be surprised to hear candidates ask for this benefit by name, nor when they decline job offers from companies without it.

Instead of struggling to fill open positions, employers can rank as first-choice companies and win the war for talent by offering our Fertility Advocacy benefit. Packaged with a nurturing benefits program, Fertility Advocacy will help boost recruitment efforts, and give current employees another reason to stick around.

Personalized support for the family-building journey

Everyone’s family-building journey looks different, and not all employees start from the same point, which is why our Fertility Advocacy benefit provides a roadmap to guide families through the process. Employees gain access to a suite of perks like educational resources, a network of top-ranked fertility specialists, and receive support every step of the way with nurse care managers available 24/7. With our enhanced Fertility, Surrogacy, and Adoption benefit, employees can also get assistance with adoption, foster care, surrogacy, and egg donation.

In addition to the support employees gain with these benefits, we’ve already negotiated the best rates on their behalf. Since fertility services can be financially out of reach for most, employees will experience zero surprises with flat-rate pricing, and will save on services that are generally 25% to 30% more outside of the program.

Today’s employee has options when it comes to fertility guidance, and they look to employers to provide these benefits. Stand out from the crowd, and attract and retain top talent by providing employees with the family planning support they need.

* “Is infertility a common problem?”