Why your Employees Need Global Travel Assistance

Posted on: May 10th, 2022 by New Benefits

Given the current state of our world, travel comes with more risk than ever before. We’re worried about travel plans changing or canceling at the last minute, getting sick while away from home, or being caught in political strife. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, people are looking for security.

What is Global Travel Assistance?

Global Travel Assistance is a service providing medical, legal, security, and emergency protection for individuals and their families when traveling far from home, although it does not necessarily have to be out of the country. Those who use Global Travel Assistance enjoy the security of having a global network of doctors, assistance personnel, and emergency benefits available 24/7 from any state or country. 

Benefits of Global Travel Assistance 

One of the main benefits of Global Travel Assistance is the security of knowing help is just a phone call away. Whether you need to go to a hospital, a family member loses their passport, or an unexpected hurricane forces you to evacuate, Global Travel Assistance will manage or coordinate any necessary assistance. 

Emergency travel assistance is an especially important benefit. We may be able to plan our flights, hotels, and itineraries, but we can’t anticipate sudden medical issues, political conflicts, or natural disasters. No matter what surprise interrupts your travel plans, a Global Travel Assistance representative will help you and your family return home safe and sound.

As an employer, providing Global Travel Assistance reduces absenteeism and lost productivity by ensuring your employees always make it home safely. This is important when employees travel for vacation, but is also crucial to consider when employees are traveling for work.  

Services Included with Global Travel Assistance

Depending on your provider and service options, Global Travel Assistance typically offers help for pre-travel planning, medical issues, lost travel documents, emergency travel funds, legal consultation, and evacuations. Emergency and medical travel assistance can be provided as indemnified (a.k.a. fully compensated) or coordination only (expenses fall on the individual). 

Here are examples of services potentially included with Global Travel Assistance:

  • Pre-travel planning and security information
  • Emergency medical, political, and natural disaster evacuation 
  • Lost or stolen travel documents assistance
  • Coordination of hospital payments and insurance
  • Referrals for medical care, translation/interpreters, and legal consultation
  • Emergency travel funds assistance

We would all rather be prepared than wish we had been. Protect yourself, your family, and your employees by providing Global Travel Assistance as a benefit. Learn more about our solution and contact to implement the service.