New Benefits Technology and Benefits Updates: Q1 and Q2 2021

Posted on: July 14th, 2021 by New Benefits

Discover the latest updates from New Benefits

New Benefits is committed to regularly investing in our benefit portfolio and technology, ensuring you and your clients are positioned with the best savings and engagement opportunities possible. Every quarter, we’ll share the latest benefits, mobile app features, and tools implemented by our team.

Here are our updates from the first two quarters of 2021:


Make the Trip of your Dreams a Reality with NBTravel

Your coworker Katie is sharing pictures from yet another fabulous vacation abroad…it’s the third one this year! How is she managing all of these expensive trips? Katie has access to major travel savings at her fingertips with NBTravel. Through this one-stop shop for exclusive travel deals, Katie is saving up to 60% on 4-star hotels and booking flights at lower rates than available online. She’s already planning her next weekend getaway, and cost isn’t a concern.

  • Most of NBTravel’s deals are not available to the public, which means these exclusive rates are much lower than what the average consumer can find online
  • NBTravel has a massive inventory of hotels with wholesale pricing and uses a unique flight search algorithm to find and deliver cheaper rates
  • This benefit is completely FREE for you to offer clients

Additional benefits implemented so far this year:

  • Teladoc Mental Health was made available separately from the telemedicine benefit, providing more convenient access to affordable mental health treatment
  • Hearing discounts were enhanced with the addition of Hearing Assist, creating substantial savings opportunities on hearing aids both at retail locations and through home delivery
  • Vitamin discounts have a new vendor: eVitamins, a reputable online program with supplements and other health products available at an average of 75% lower than typical costs


New “Flex Tab” Added to My Insurance Feature of Mobile App

Remember the era of “there’s an app for that?” Now our phone screens are crowded and all our benefits require different logins! My Benefits Work says, “there’s an app for ALL of that” with the My Insurance feature. Employees can find their medical plan policy number, reach the customer support line for their life insurance, review their employee handbook, and access all their non-insured benefits — all in ONE place.

  • Employer groups can opt to add the My Insurance feature to their employees’ My Benefits Work mobile app, putting insurance plan information on the same platform as their non-insured benefits
  • The new “flex tab” feature enables you to add an unlimited number of benefit categories, including life insurance, accident insurance, critical illness, hospital indemnity, pet insurance, and employee handbooks

Additional features and tools added so far this year:

  • was completely redesigned with a crisp look, simplified navigation, and compelling content to help you better serve your clients
  • Benefit videos were created for all our solutions, using a consistent design and tone to provide context around how to use the benefit and why it’s valuable 
  • Digital membership cards have been enhanced for the mobile app experience, making it easier for members to access benefit logos and more via the My Wallet feature

Contact your Account Executive or for any additional details on our benefits and technology updates — we look forward to sharing more exciting enhancements in the near future!