New Benefits’ 2021 Benefit Innovation Report on Trending Employee Solutions in Face of Pandemic and Its Recovery

Posted on: May 27th, 2021 by New Benefits


The 2021 Benefit Innovation Report, available for download on, provides insights on top benefits, technology, and communication strategies for innovative employee benefit programs.

New Benefits, the leading non-insured benefits provider, recently released a report on the crucial elements for an innovative employee benefit program, including the top trending benefits of the year. The 2021 Benefit Innovation Report is available for download on

Benefits have become a lifesource for a lot of employees in the last year, so employers can’t afford to not take an innovative approach to their benefits,” said Dulce Bozeman, President of New Benefits. “New Benefits has been staying ahead of the benefit trend curve for over 30 years. This report shares our insights on top benefit choices in the face of a global pandemic, as well as how to communicate and deliver these important solutions.”

Drawing on the expertise and knowledge of New Benefits’ leadership and sales teams, the 2021 Benefit Innovation Report ranks the top nine employee benefits of the year, specifically considering the COVID-19 pandemic. The report also delves into the significance of a technology platform to deliver benefit programs. Mobile apps and web platforms not only make it easier to access all benefits in one place, they also improve employee engagement and utilization.

“The benefit programs of today are all about getting the right services to the right employee at the right time,” said Amanda Franklin, Executive Vice President of Operations at New Benefits. “Employers recognize the diminishing line between work and life, so employee benefits have become more personal and holistic. The 2021 Benefit Innovation Report covers how to personalize benefit programs even further by implementing a more on-demand access point via mobile app.”

Visit to download the 2021 Benefit Innovation Report from the homepage pop-up.

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