New Benefits Partners with Caregiver Technology Platform, alska

Posted on: September 18th, 2019 by New Benefits Blog

Connected Caregiving powered by alska helps reduce stress of working caregivers and improve their productivity at work and home.

DALLAS — Sept. 18, 2019 — New Benefits, aggregator of 30+ non-insured health and lifestyle benefits, announces their partnership with alska, a technology platform improving communication and organization for caregivers. Through this partnership, New Benefits’ clients will be able to provide an advocacy and support solution for working caregivers, helping improve employee well-being and workplace productivity.

Seventy-three percent of employees report being engaged in caregiving responsibilities, 80 percent of which say caregiving impacts their productivity. Alska’s platform empowers caregivers to efficiently manage their caregiving responsibilities, providing a single location to store vital medical information, coordinate with care team members, and share updates with family. Caregivers also receive unlimited email support from professional patient advocates and access to virtual support groups on a number of topics.

“Caregiving can become a reality and challenge suddenly and unexpectedly,” said Amanda Franklin, EVP Operations at New Benefits. “As the population of caregivers in the workplace continues to increase, it’s crucial for employers to offer tools to reduce employee stress and anxiety, minimize absenteeism, maintain productivity, and decrease turnover. Connected Caregiving from alska is the perfect solution to help employees maintain the balance between work and caregiving responsibilities and reduce anxiety and stress.”

Michelle Chaffee, founder and CEO of alska, recognized the need for a caregiver technology platform when she suddenly found herself in the role of sole caregiver overnight after her mother had a stroke. Overwhelmed by the responsibilities of work, parenting, and caregiving, Chaffee knew there had to be a better way to stay organized and keep everyone connected. She leveraged her background as a professional patient advocate and experience as a caregiver to develop the alska platform (alska means “love” in Swedish).

“I wanted to offer my advocacy service to a broader group of caregivers because I personally know how they are struggling, especially with balancing work and caregiving,” said Chaffee. “Caregivers in a variety of roles — parents of children with disabilities, adult children with aging parents, those caring for spouses or siblings with mental or physical disabilities — are all empowered by the technology solution and virtual education and support.”

New Benefits is offering Caregiver Support as a bundle including the technology platform through alska, companionship and task assistance through Papa, and legal document creation through LawAssure. This holistic bundle of benefits fills a gap in the marketplace for employers seeking to provide support to the caregivers in their workforce, and helps caregivers manage all the responsibilities of caregiving, improving well-being and productivity.

To learn more about providing Caregiver Support to your clients, contact our benefit pros at or 844.529.5785. Existing New Benefits clients can contact their dedicated Account Executive or sales representative.

About New Benefits
New Benefits enhances the healthcare experience by lowering costs and simplifying access. Our approach is threefold: We provide 30+ aggregated non-insured benefits to optimize healthcare spending, a single source solution for administration, and a suite of technology to deliver benefits and improve business intelligence. We partner with brokerage/consulting firms, associations, TPAs, employers, and more to provide real savings for groups and members.

About alska
alska, meaning “love” in Swedish, is a technology platform providing advocacy, organization, and communication services for caregivers. It reduces caregiver stress with a single location to organize health information and schedules, share updates with family members, and access virtual education and support groups. Leveraging her background as a professional patient advocate and caregiver, Michelle Chaffee designed the alska platform to meet the needs of caregivers balancing care duties, work, parenting, and more.


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