Hello. My Name is Dulce and I am Addicted to Change

Posted on: August 27th, 2014 by New Benefits Blog

small dulcePlenty of people claim they embrace change, but we all know most of them are stretching the truth. I can tell you without hesitation that we not only embrace change—we’re addicted to it. We’ve continued to grow because flexibility is one of our core values, and we know the only way to consistently meet the needs of our customers is to change.

We establish close relationships with our brokers, and they feel comfortable telling us how we can improve our products and services. No matter how difficult it may be to hear at times, we always listen attentively to each suggestion and work toward fulfilling their requests. Benjamin Franklin was on to something when he said, “When you are finished changing, you’re finished.” Well, we’re nowhere close to being finished.

Welcome to Your New Reality  

The employee benefits industry is undergoing significant transformations right now—and there’s more change coming. Of course, change is constant and inevitable in every industry, so why fight against the turbulent currents of change when we can accept these changes and shape them into valuable opportunities?

Karl Schoemer, founder and president of VisionQuest Solutions, offered wise words during his keynote presentation at the 2013 Benefits Selling Expo. “The dust is never going to settle,” he emphasized. “For those who are waiting for things to go back to the way they were in the good old days, it’s never going to happen.”

When organizations and brokers embrace change immediately and whole-heartedly, they’re more likely to survive and thrive in our ever-evolving industry.  Trust me.  I’ve seen it happen.

“But Why?” 

I love that question (unless asked by an adorable and inquisitive toddler)! Some of the most significant positive changes in our organization have evolved from that simple question.  If the need is there, let’s make it happen.  If something is no longer producing the desired result, we stop.  That’s all change.

I will never forget a banner prominently displayed in my high school library. It read: “Not to know is bad; not to ask is worse.”  Years later, I still apply that logic.  Curiosity is an incredible tool, and I encourage staff to care enough about the business to be curious.  Incredible and innovative ideas have been born by simply asking, “Why?”

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

In today’s fluctuating benefits world, the businesses that embrace change will gain an edge on the competition. On the other hand, those who just sit back, wait for the “dust to settle” and refuse to adapt won’t survive. Yet simply dealing with change isn’t enough—we have to take the reins, steer the change and use it to our advantage.

Philosopher Alan Watts once said, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” At New Benefits, we’re hitting the dance floor. And we believe our willingness to embrace change and join the dance results in a beautiful and exciting cha-cha!

— Dulce Bozeman, Executive Vice President

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