Teladoc Mental Health Complete

Much of today’s workforce struggles with mental health issues, but don’t know where to start when seeking solutions. Teladoc Mental Health Complete’s stepped care model takes the guesswork out of finding help, and provides the right support, at the right time. Members and their eligible dependents start with a comprehensive assessment and receive a personalized plan with recommendations based on priorities, self-reported needs, stressors, and goals. They can then choose from several self-guided programs, or speak with a certified life coach who will design a unique blend of video coaching and digital activities to help them manage life’s challenges over seven sessions.  If members need more support, they can request a video or phone consultation with a licensed therapist who can help with the most common mental health concerns: anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, panic disorder, grief, family/marriage issues, and more.

Mental Health Complete visits are not available to minors 12 and younger. Coaching and psychiatry consultations are not available for anyone under the age of 18. Not all Mental Health specialists will be available in all states. The Teladoc Mental Health Complete software does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Coaches have National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching certification and guides have a bachelor’s degree and training in evidence-based mental health engagement; coaches and guides are not licensed mental health professionals. Mental health consultations are performed by licensed mental health professionals employed by or contracted with Teladoc Health Medical Group, P.A. Crisis management services are performed by Vibrant Emotional Health or another third-party partner of Teladoc Health, Inc.