NB Pet Telehealth

NB Pet Telehealth by GoLexi helps make caring for eligible pets affordable and convenient with 24/7 access to a trusted network of veterinarians. Pet parents can ask questions, discuss behavioral issues, training, and even get help determining if a trip to the ER or primary veterinarian is necessary. Real-time, no-fee consultations take place by phone or video, and give pet parents the advice they need. NB Pet Telehealth is for non-emergency, non-urgent treatment, and acts as a supplement for visits with a primary veterinarian. NB Pet Telehealth veterinarians cannot diagnose pets or prescribe medications.

NB Pet Telehealth by GoLexi is not for use in medical emergencies or urgent situations. If there is reason to believe a pet is experiencing an emergency, call a veterinarian immediately or contact the nearest animal hospital. NB Pet Telehealth should not be considered veterinary care advice, and is not a substitute for primary veterinary care advice, diagnosis, or treatment. NB Pet Telehealth is not a replacement for regular in-office visits or vaccinations. NB Pet Telehealth is not insurance. NB Pet Telehealth veterinarians cannot prescribe medications, and reserve the right to deny service for potential misuse. NB Pet Telehealth operates subject to state regulations.