Load up on protective solutions to take a load off their minds.

The Security Package helps employers gain advantage in recruiting and retention by providing services that protect employees and their families and help them save on everyday living expenses.

When employees face a stressful event in their personal life like identity theft, it’s nearly impossible to keep those issues from bleeding into the work day and reducing productivity. Our standard Security Package gives employees peace of mind with resources to help prevent and manage their stressors. Employees have assistance for any travel mishaps on the road or across the world, protection against identity theft, and savings on legal services.

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Travel is supposed to be fun and relaxing, or at least productive if it’s work-related. But if something goes wrong when far from home, the costs add up quickly. 63% of travelers get sick on vacation and spend more than $1,200 per trip, and more than 300,000 passports are reported stolen every year. Global travel assistance protects employees and their families while traveling, helping them navigate through medical, legal, and emergency situations so they can safely return home.

Around 15 million Americans have their identity stolen every year, and the average incident can take 100 hours or more to resolve. An employee who is trying to manage their identity theft issue alone is likely to be overwhelmed by stress, unable to focus at work, and take more time off work. On top of that, 30% to 50% of identity theft begins at the workplace, where a single click could unleash vicious malware and infect the company’s entire network. Identity theft monitoring and resolution services help reduce the severity of fraud, and provide expert services to repair stolen identities, keeping employees safe and productive.

  • 24/7 resolution assistance with step-by-step guidance
  • Document replacement assistance for Social Security cards, birth certificates, passports, and driver’s licenses
  • Activity alerts for credit inquiries, and checking and savings accounts
  • Available at various levels, including family and individual coverage

Three in four employees face a legal issue every year and more than half of American adults don’t have a will. With hourly rates ranging on average from $255 to $520, most aren’t seeking the help they need due to the high cost of legal fees. The stress of legal issues already impacts workplace productivity, but employees without a lawyer are three times more likely to use work time to handle their legal problems. Providing access to discounted legal services, including attorney referrals and document creation, ensures employees get the help they need at a faster rate and a lower cost.

Drivers are expected to experience an average of five flat tires in their lifetime, and around four million Americans lock their keys in their car annually. Even when the right precautions are taken, car issues can happen to anyone at any time. Whether an employee is driving as part of their job, commuting to and from work, or traveling for pleasure, the frustrations and stresses of car trouble can carry into the work day and disrupt productivity. With a roadside assistance benefit, employees have 24/7 protection on the road for flat tires, lockouts, battery issues, towing, and more.