Identity Theft Monitoring and Resolution

Around 15 million Americans have their identity stolen every year, and the average incident can take 100 hours or more to resolve. An employee who is trying to manage their identity theft issue alone is likely to be overwhelmed by stress, unable to focus at work, and take more time off work. On top of that, 30% to 50% of identity theft begins at the workplace, where a single click could unleash vicious malware and infect the company’s entire network. Identity theft monitoring and resolution services help reduce the severity of fraud, and provide expert services to repair stolen identities, keeping employees safe and productive.

  • 24/7 resolution assistance with step-by-step guidance
  • Document replacement assistance for Social Security cards, birth certificates, passports, and driver’s licenses
  • Activity alerts for credit inquiries, and checking and savings accounts
  • Available at various levels, including family and individual coverage

Vendors: Aura DigitalGuard; Aura DigitalGuard Complete; ID Sanctuary™; LifeLock™