Teladoc Mental Health and Dermatology

Teladoc provides peace of mind from the comfort of home with access to licensed therapists and dermatologists for a fraction of the cost of typical in-person visits. Establish an ongoing relationship with a licensed therapist through video or phone sessions offering support for anxiety, depression, stress/PTSD, panic disorder, grief, family & marriage issues, and more. Dermatologists offer quick, convenient diagnosis for skin conditions such as rash, acne, psoriasis, suspicious moles, and more.

Mental Health visits and Dermatology consultations are not available 24/7/365.
Mental Health visits will be scheduled. Mental Health visits are not available to minors. All Mental Health specialists may not be available in all states.
For dermatology consultations, members must complete a Dermatology Intake Form and upload a minimum of three images through the secure message center before each initial consultation.