Fertility, Surrogacy, and Adoption

There are many challenges when faced with growing your family through non-traditional methods. Navigating the processes of infertility, surrogacy, and adoption can be confusing and overwhelming. Fertility, Surrogacy, and Adoption by WINFertility guides you through the challenges of a third-party journey to parenthood by providing education, resources, medical discounts, and support for your individual needs. With 24/7 access to WIN’s Nurse Care Managers, you gain a personal advocate to help you understand fertility treatment and medication options and determine the best course of action for you. The Employee Adoption & ART program (EAAP) provides a comprehensive on-demand video library and live coaching to support your journey of adoption, foster care, surrogacy, and egg donation. Fertility, Surrogacy, and Adoption also gives you access to:

  • Network of top-ranked fertility specialists
  • IVF treatment and Medication Bundles℠
  • Genetic testing and egg freezing services
  • Behavioral Health Care Managers who provide counseling on grief associated with infertility, managing stress, and more
  • Complimentary prenatal package
  • Up to 40% in exclusive savings
  • Discounted medical and Rx options
  • Financial resources
  • Convenient mobile app to discreetly track fertility, find an in-network doctor, and connect with a WIN nurse
  • EAAP online portal with educational resources including on-demand video library, live webinars, and one-on-one coaching to help navigate the best path for a third-party journey”