Celebrate the Love of Family

February is the month of love, and we’ve got the benefit solutions to help members care for their loved ones. Celebrate the love of family offering supportive products that free up time and energy so members can focus on what matters most.

Fertility, Surrogacy, and Adoption

Father lifting daughter on shoulders, both smiling, Fertility, Surrogacy, and Adoption superimposed

Fertility, Surrogacy, and Adoption by WINFertility provides employees with personalized guidance and support when faced with building their families through non-traditional methods such as IVF, surrogacy, egg donation, adoption, and foster care.

Pet Care

Closeup of young girl kissing orange tabby cat on head, Pet Care, and New Benefits logo superimposed

Members can keep their pets happy, healthy, and safe with discounts on vet care, pet prescriptions, and a lost pet notification system.

Worklife Services

Mother, father, daughter, and son sitting close together on sofa behind projector in dark living room, eating popcorn, smiling, looking forward, Worklife Services, New Benefits logo, and "G" General Audiences rating superimposed

Everyday help for everyday living. Worklife Services helps with the good, the challenging and everything in between so members can get back to living life, and doing what they love.


Ready to add these family-focused solutions to your benefit package?