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30+ Years of Non-Insured Benefit Innovation

New Benefits is a leading aggregator and producer of best-in-class, non-insured benefits designed to support the well-being of America’s workforce. Since 1990, we have shaped the next generation of benefits — anticipating consumer demand and presenting the next trend to brokers, employers and other organizations.

Our forward-thinking approach, due diligence process and scalable services greatly reduce administrative burden for our channel partners, while our sought-after benefits improve employee satisfaction.

Today, New Benefits is transforming the future of the industry through a customizable online storefront that offers year-round enrollment in 30+ products and services. Equally important to our innovation, we bring new ideas that drive value for the more than 4,000 groups and millions of members we serve.

The Beauty of Better Benefits

How New Benefits Created Advantage for Sally Beauty

Sample Gallagher Card

Base Package

$5-$10 per month*

• Teladoc $0 Visit Fee
• Mental Health Services
• Health Advocate
• Fertility, Surrogacy & Adoption
• Caregiver Support
• Dental
• Vision
• Pharmacy

*Programs are available for use by the member (employees), their spouses and legal dependents. Price can be lower depending on the final benefits package selected.

Fully-Customized Packages

New Benefits supports your program with membership materials and marketing collateral along with our customized mobile app, which is branded to your organization.

The top five most requested benefits for 2024 include:

  • Teladoc Mental Health Services
  • Fertility, Surrogacy, & Adoption
  • Caregiver Solutions
  • Financial Wellness
  • Pet Care and Pet Telehealth

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NB Marketplace

Direct Pay Storefront Purpose-Built for Benefits Year-Round

Ideal for Part-Time Employees, Retirees, Volunteers, 1099 Contractors, Full-Time Employees and Underinsured.

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Drive Employee Engagement

With On-Demand Benefit Access

Benefits can be seamlessly delivered through our mobile app and web portal. By providing easy access, regular communication, and live chat support, our mobile app and web portal can engage employees with their benefits, increasing utilization and keeping your program top-of-mind.

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See the Future of Health and Wellness

Explore the 2023 Benefit Innovation Report

The relationship between employer and employee has changed in recent years, altering attitudes and expectations surrounding benefits. If organizations can respond with a thoughtful reassessment of their benefits offering, this shift has the power not only to enhance employee care, but also to position businesses as employers of choice. 

But how do employers and brokers seize this opportunity?

New Benefits has aggregated the insight.

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