Illness or injury can strike suddenly. MeMD gives you and your family access to medical help via telephone or web, any time, day or night. Using MeMD’s nationwide telehealth service and national network of US-licensed medical providers, you can connect with a board-certified provider from any location. You’ll receive a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan, including prescriptions* for common medications when medically necessary. MeMD can help when your regular doctor is not available, when travel is difficult, or after-hours.

  • MeMD can treat abrasions, bruises, colds, flu, fever, sore throat, cough, congestion, allergies, hives, skin infections, bites, stings, minor headaches, arthritic pain, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, urinary tract infections, body aches, eye infections, conjunctivitis, medication refills (short term)* and more
  • Setup your account, complete your medical history and create a password using your email address as your username
  • Prescriptions can be sent to your pharmacy when medically necessary
  • You must complete your Medical History before requesting a visit
  • Your medical record and care instructions will be available electronically

*Prescriptions cannot be written for controlled substances or elective medications.
Services not available outside of the continental United States (except Hawaii). MeMD provides online medical consultations with physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who can write prescriptions when medically necessary and permitted by state law. MeMD is not a replacement for your primary care physician or an annual doctor’s office visit.