Account Executive



Account Executives target clients and develop relationships resulting in retention and increased revenue, relying on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Account Executives are expected to counsel clients and advocate on their behalf to assist them in successfully marketing products and services.  Project/account supervision and direction of others’ work is required along with a wide degree of creativity and latitude.  Moreover, Account Executives maintain relationships and favorable contacts with new and existing clients.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Know the account. Interface with clients to become intimately familiar with their business
  • Develop a strategic implementation plan with client that results in launch by the targeted due date with specific responsibilities assigned to both New Benefits and the client. Account Executives are also responsible for ensuring both parties are meeting deadlines and keeping the project moving forward
  • Build and sustain strong client relationships keeping clients informed about new products and services offered by NB
  • Provide marketing and sales advice to clients. Command authority over the account by reinforcing what’s worked and failed
  • Effectively articulates to marketer all aspects of group setup and the associated time frames
  • Compile quarterly Activity and Debriefing reports indicating which accounts have proven successful, have potential, or need to be terminated
  • Perform extensive research and maintain familiarity with changes in the nature of client’s products, business culture, marketing plan, and competition
  • Partner with Business Development Manager for strategic assistance for “A” marketers experiencing a decreasing trend in membership
  • Maintain a monthly updated portfolio of accounts and proactively contact clients to provide feedback and offer assistance
  • Partner with Marketing as needed to monitor the effectiveness of and assist with the client’s marketing campaigns
  • Maintain integrity of database by documenting activity accordingly
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on marketing, sales and presentation materials
  • Effectively articulate information on our industry and benefit offering through public speaking and client presentations
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of health care/ discount industry as well as MyQuotes /insurance offering
  • Assist in training new hires on Client Services department
  • Assist NB employees with client-related issues
  • Conduct tours of NB facilities
  • Arrange and chair meetings
  • Exhibit and attend trade shows as needed
  • Carry out special projects as directed
  • All other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree or a minimum two years college experience
  • Three years of experience in the insurance/benefit field or in a related area preferred
  • Ability to independently use logical thinking and sound reasoning to make effective decisions
  • Excellent written/verbal skills
  • Possess an outgoing, proactive, aggressive, and competitive attitude
  • Possess a strong passion and ability for delivering exceptional customer service to internal and external parties
  • Ability to work under pressure and assimilate large quantities of information quickly without sacrificing quality and detail
  • Strong follow-through skills
  • Require minimal supervision
  • Dress, appearance and behavior reflect favorably on the organization
  • Ability to work cooperatively with other team members by effectively integrating personal skills with those of others in accomplishing organizational goals
  • Extraordinary time management and organizational skills
  • Resilience to effectively handle problems and accept constructive criticism
  • Proven track record of dependability through tenure with previous employers or internal positions
  • Ability to talk or hear, both in person and by telephone
  • Good visual acuity
  • Capable of lifting up to 25 pounds
  • Must be able to perform work at a computer terminal for 6-8 hours, and function in an environment with interruptions

Core Values

  • Flexibility – Maintains effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work responsibilities or environment and adjusts effectively to work within new structures, processes, requirements, or cultures. Remains flexible despite adversity. Embraces change.
  • Leadership – Facilitates a positive and productive team-oriented environment. Provides open communication/feedback within the team. Builds collaboration to maintain productive teams. Treats people with honesty and respect. Maintains positive relationships with employees at all levels. Uses appropriate interpersonal styles to establish effective relationships with clients, vendors, and internal partners. Interacts with others in a way that promotes openness and trust and gives them confidence in one’s intentions.
  • Innovation – Identifies and accomplishes challenging objectives or personal goals. Works effectively with others to achieve goals. Looks for and takes advantage of opportunities. Maintains a high level of interest, enthusiasm, and personal performance. Takes steps to improve processes and find better solutions. Champions quality work and proactively takes steps to correct errors or improve overall products/solutions. Drives continuous improvement. Demonstrates a willingness to change approach based on feedback.
  • Integrity – Supports and upholds the organization’s standards and values. Demonstrates honesty, reliability, and professionalism. Maintains the highest ethical standards.
  • Passion – Provides excellent customer service to internal clients, partners, vendors, and teams. Responds promptly, professionally, effectively, and efficiently. Recognizes sense of urgency in responding to needs. Follows up to ensure requests, needs, and commitments are met consistently.

Job Specific Competencies

  • Business acumen – Understands healthcare industry, business objectives and marketing environment and tools
  • Establishing Focus – The ability to develop and communicate goals in support of the business’ mission
  • Providing Motivational Support – The ability to enhance others’ commitment to their work
  • Fostering Teamwork – As a team member, the ability and desire to work cooperatively with others on a team; as a team leader, the ability to demonstrate interest, skill, and success in getting groups to learn to work together
  • Communication – Expresses thoughts clearly, accurately, and precisely both verbally and in writing. Effectively communicates with C-level staff.  Clearly and succinctly conveys information and ideas to individuals and groups.  Demonstrates good listening skills
  • Active Learning – Understands the implications of new information for both current and future problem solving and decision making
  • Building Collaborative Relationships – The ability to develop, maintain, and strengthen partnerships with others inside or outside the organization who can provide information, assistance, and support
  • Managing Performance – The ability to take responsibility for one’s own or one’s employees’ performance, by setting clear goals and expectations, tracking progress against the goals, ensuring timely feedback, and addressing performance problems and issues promptly
  • Interpersonal Awareness – The ability to notice, interpret, and anticipate others’ concerns and feelings, and to communicate this awareness empathetically to others
  • Analytical Thinking – The ability to tackle a problem by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach
  • Thoroughness – Ensuring that one’s own and others’ work and information are complete and accurate; carefully preparing for meetings and presentations; following up with others to ensure that agreements and commitments have been fulfilled
  • Self Confidence – Faith in one’s own ideas and capability to be successful; willingness to take an independent position in the face of opposition


  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • New Benefits Discount Card (Free to Employees and Immediate Family Members)
  • 401K with a 5-year vesting
  • 10 days Vacation and 5 days of sick
  • 5 paid Holidays per year

*Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

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